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Dag #10 (18/09-2015) | USA Rejsen 2015


Dag #10 – 18/09-2015



  • Køre mod Death Valley langs østsiden af Yosemite National Park.

Stop undervejs:

  • Mono Lake
  • Flere steder undervejs omkring Yosemite National Park


Mono Lake

In 1941, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power began diverting Mono Lake’s tributary streams 350 miles south to meet the growing water demands of Los Angeles. In 1962, Mono Lake had already dropped almost 25 vertical feet. Deprived of its freshwater sources, the volume of Mono Lake halved, while its salinity doubled. Unable to adapt to these changing conditions within such a short period of time, the ecosystem began to collapse.

Islands, previously important nesting sites, became peninsulas vulnerable to mammalian and reptilian predation. Photosynthetic rates of algae, the base of the food chain, were reduced while reproductive abilities of brine shrimp became impaired. Stream ecosystems unraveled due to lack of water. Air quality grew poor as the exposed lake bed became the source of air-borne particulate matter, violating the Clean Air Act. If something was not done, Mono Lake was certain to become a lifeless chemical sump.

Mono Lake in 1995, over 40 vertical feet below the pre-diversion level. Appalled by this prospect, David Gaines formed the Mono Lake Committee in 1978 and began talking to conservation clubs, schools, service organizations, legislators, lawyers and to anyone who would listen about the value of this high desert lake. Under David Gaines’ leadership, the Mono Lake Committee grew to 20,000 members and gained legal and legislative recognition for Mono Lake.
A decade later, David Gaines and a Committee staff volunteer, Don Oberlin, were killed in a winter automobile accident near Lee Vining. Despite the loss of its founder, our citizens’ action group has continued to lead the fight to protect Mono Lake.